A Personal Trainer for Your Non-Fiction Writing Projects

Robin Noelle – Writing Coach

Robin Noelle is a professional public relations practitioner and successful author of numerous books and magazine articles. She has more than 20 years of experience writing for marketing, sales and public relations. Noelle specializes in non-fiction writing. Her books have been published by prestigious imprints such as Avalon Travel Publishing, Pearson Education and McGraw-Hill.

Who Needs a Writing Coach

Do you want to enhance your writing skills and earn a greater income? Or develop strong, meaningful text for your company’s newsletter, blog or press materials? Perhaps you want to gain more speaking engagements and command higher fees. Or have an idea for a great non-fiction book? A writing coach is the partner you need to succeed.

What Coaching Does for You

• Clarify your writing goals.
• Develop a plan for success.
• Help overcome challenges.
• Assist in overcoming writer’s block.
• Organize your book or book proposal.
• Edit your writing.
• Provide objective feedback.
• Assist in securing a literary agent.
• Develop a promotion plan for your book.

"Think of a writing coach as a personal trainer for your writing – part cheerleader, part accountability buddy and part professional expert. "