A Personal Trainer for Your Non-Fiction Writing Projects

How Coaching Works

How Writing Coaching Workscoaching

It begins with an initial consultation to explore several factors of your project.

What are your writing goals?

Who is your audience?

Is it marketable?

Is it best to find a literary agent, publisher or self-publish?

Once we’re clear on your vision and goals, it’s time to write! We’ll develop a structure that works with your specific needs to ensure success. Additional meetings via phone, video chat or in-person will offer you a variety of tools to help your progress. These meetings provide:


Help getting back on track if you falter

Personalized feedback

Personal support

Assistance with organization and layout

Once you’ve created a first draft, coaching may include:

  • Guidance in creating a unique and compelling book proposal
  • Assistance in finding a publisher or literary agent
  • Help selecting a self-publisher
  • Aid in writing winning query letters
  • It’s like a personal trainer for your writing projects!


Ready to get started? Contact Robin Noelle today to learn more about writing coaching!